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Wed, 20 Dec 2000 18:23:04 -0500

On 20 Dec 2000, at 16:32, Ron D. Rossi wrote:

> Elliott,
> There is no connection at the far end of the trap. That is the open end of the 
> capacitor. The element, coil, and cap all connect together at the inside end 
> of the trap.


>The bandwidth of the 40m add-on is 
> not all that large and operating a little out of tune at max power could 
> create too high a voltage gradient from the can to the element toward the tip. 
> How well in tune is your antenna?

I have one of these antennas too.  No problems whatsoever in the 3 
4 years since I've had it.   I doubt that it is a bandwidth problem, 
since 12M and 17M is only 100 KHz wide.  My SWR curves (at full 
power) are under 1.5:1 at the band edges.    

Did you just purchase the Alpha ?   Years ago, I just had a SB-200 
and a TH6 - everything was fine.  Then I bought a Titan and 
promptly smoked a spider web or two out of the 15M trap on my 
TH6.   Next Dayton, I was talking to one of the Hy-gain reps - I told 
him that story, and he mentioned to me that the TH6 / TH7 traps are 
rated for 4KW, so I could not have blown the trap with the titan - 
there had to be some critters in the trap.  

Elliot, I don't know what how you built your antenna, but I taped each 
trap cap with electrical tape and sealed the tape with clear Krylon.   
I also feed it with a Radioworks 4KW balun.  

Tom, N2SR

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