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Thu, 3 Feb 2000 22:46:13 EST

 w7why@harborside.com writes:  
  K7GCO@aol.com wrote:
  >  I first used it in 1936 and it only took 24 years to get it printed.  I 
used a sloper in 1937.  3 of them as guy wires on a >pole. I never got that 
 > It probably would be hard for a 6 year old to be taken seriously. That's 
probably why they didn't print it.
    Tom, QST printed the Inverted Vee in 8/60 after several tries.  It was 
the same text exactly.  I added coax to the article but in the 30's on 
80/75-40M parallel dipoles at right angles, I used open wire and a simple 
technique to get very very low SWR over the whole of both bands and no 
measurable losses with a 5 cent component then--50 cents now.  No one has 
come up with this since.  Maybe I'll send it to QST and try gain after 60 
years--never give up.  It's a great concept.  
     An English teacher helped prepare the article back then. They didn't 
really know my age until 1960 (30) on a visit there and thought I was older 
and I also informed them I had an EE Degree from U of SD.  I gave them a 
technical lecture and finally got George Grammer's attention.  I guess he 
felt they had to recognize there was other ways to do things.  George and I 
got along fine after that. They were locked into a Hor./Vert. Paradigm and 
couldn't believe it was even worth trying.  Before that I asked them to try 
it a couple of times and they refused.  I had also corrected an error in an 
antenna article and that was a mistake.  They had arrogancy problems that 
still exits.  They have been told of other antennas that work better but 
refuse to believe that also.  Nothing has changed.  Then after printing it, 
Baldwin offered 3 complimentary copies.  I asked for 10 and he even refused 
send me more than 3 copies of the mag when they got the article FREE.  I 
still have the letter.  20 years later I ran into him on a bus at Dayton and 
he still tried to justify it.  I suggested to him "that is why most of the 
good stuff was going to other mags".  I have sent over 100 articles to other 
Radio mags, over 50 to Guns mags that were printed right away. Their Montra 
was "it's great Prestige to have one's work printed in QST."  That's all you 
get, I can't pay a bill with Prestige and had to buy extra copies of my own 
article that was FREE to them.  The thinking of Journals and Foundations is 
the same as the US Government.  "Everything you have is or will be ours, you 
do not know more than we do and don't correct our mistakes--it tends to 
jeopardize our retirements."  There is more but that will give you the 
general picture.  
     I pressured the Directors and President (Danials--he kept voting against 
it and even broke a tie vote in ''78 at a National Convention in Seattle) for 
a long time to get QST to pay for articles, more complimentary copies and 
they finally did but it took awhile.
     In direct contrast to your comment, WzeroHH just asked me how I 
discovered and experimented with it.  In 63 years he was the first to ask.  I 
just spend 8 hours writing up The History of the Inverted Vee and some other 
topics and will release it.
     Wayne Green printed my first article in CQ in 8/56 and it was the 
longest ever printed in CQ since.  He just asked me for another one for 73 
Mag--44 years later. Green is Radio's Best All Time Editor.    
      It can be very difficult to get articles in print when you have 
inflated ego's at the mags to contend with at times.  I have many I have not 
released--it's a hassle.  Have you got the picture?  
      I got my old WzeroLMB call back (Lice, Mice & Bedbugs) as the SD 
Antenna Club.  I plan an Antenna Web Sight.  I will not have any time delays 
or unjust editing in saying anything I want based on my research.  I will 
have a great test facility with good equipment.

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