[TowerTalk] Hy-Gain 3 el 40M

Mel Martin mel@interlink.net
Tue, 08 Feb 2000 10:31:19 -0500

Having read Stan's report, I think I'd better tell you of my experience
with this antenna.
I will start by saying it was the most troublesome antenna I have ever
There was in fact, a serious design problem, acknowleged by Hy-gain,
with the linear loading elements. They had a propensity to crack at the
bend just before they are fastened to the solid element. In later
production they rounded this corner to reduce failure. This antenna
worked fine for the first 2 years, and after that... every time I fixed
one problem, another one appeared. I probably spent 4 times the cost of
the antenna having it put on and taken off the tower ( 150' guyed ).
When it worked, it worked great, but it hardly ever worked. There are
simply too many mechanical joints and too much movement for it to be
reliable. Mercifully mine was finally destroyed in an ice storm in
'98... it wasn't working at the time, it had developed another
intermittant. Caveat emtor. BTW, I'm a fan of Hy-Gain antennas generally
and have used the TH7, 205, 204, 155, 105, 153, 103 with great success,
generally losing them in ice-storms. 

Mel Martin

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