[TowerTalk] Stacking - 12/17m small yagi's

Stig Frederiksen oz5u@cool.dk
Wed, 9 Feb 2000 05:10:21 +0100

Hello all You antenna/stacking guru's on the reflector
I am just about to build a 4 element 12/17m yagi, 2 elements on each band 
on a 10 ft boom, feed as open sleeve on the 17m director, as discribed on 
W4RNL super antenna site.
I have a US Tower MA-770 70ft with a 10 mast and the MARB rotary base, 
so it  will  be easy to put another 12/17m yagi below the top one, so here is 
the question ??
Should I build a second 12/17m while I am at it, and will I gain anything if
I put it 26 ft  below the top one ??     
I can mount the top 12/17m yagi at 80 ft, at 70 ft I have a F12 C4SXL and
will be able to mount a second 12/17m yagi at 54 ft and then connect the two 
antennas to a WXB stackmatch box.
Is it worth the time with such small antennas ?? 
All comments are welcome
73's from
Stig frederiksen

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