[TowerTalk] Fritzel Antenna Availability: New Product

DavisRFinc@aol.com DavisRFinc@aol.com
Thu, 10 Feb 2000 19:10:36 EST

Hi Bill,
I don't have your answer, but if you and any others have input as to the 
quality and types of antennas Fritzel had on the market,  I would consider 
bringing it into the U.S. market, subject to discussion with Fritzel. 

Obviously, my concerns are quality, proper testing that supports specs, 
likely acceptance in this market and price structure.

Just let me know any details anyone has.  Thanks,  Steve Davis, K1PEK,  DAVIS 
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hardline related items, please ask for Steve Davis)   Thank you!

In a message dated 02/10/2000 2:28:21 PM Eastern Standard Time, 
wmills@gmc.cc.ga.us writes:

<< Does anyone know of a firm who sells the Fritzel line of amateur 
 radio antennas in the United States or Canada?  If so, please advise.
 Fritzel is a well known German antenna manufacturing firm.  Universal Radio
 in Ohio sold the Fritzel antennas but have recently discontinued the Fritzel 
 Thanks in advance.
 Bill Mills

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