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Sun, 20 Feb 2000 12:33:46 EST

In a message dated 20.02.00 02:29:56 Pacific Standard Time, tleaf@hotmail.com 
<< Hi again Ken,
 I already forget what the CFA antenna is. What is AntenneX and how do I see 
It's a very small antenna designed for the BC Band--using different theory 
which is very sound..  Stations in Europe are taking down their 1/4 wave 
verticals and installing the CFA.. There are really 2 different types.  One 
can go in ones attic.  They are in the "AntenneX" Web Site.  It's a Web Site 
Antenna Mag. Bring it up and subscribe.  There are 5 articles on the CFA.  
There is great stuff in there.  They announced the CFA a year ago.  It hasn't 
been in QST   They may not have anyone that can cover it.  k7gco

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