[TowerTalk] Broken 3/8" Turnbuckle

DonaldTenn@aol.com DonaldTenn@aol.com
Thu, 24 Feb 2000 13:41:21 EST

As I mentioned previously, I too find it difficult to believe that a properly 
manufactured turnbuckle, properly installed, properly adjusted 3/8" 
turnbuckle would fail under the proper load. I have never seen it, but then 
again I have only seen thousands of turnbuckles and their installations.
There must be some outside influence here. I have seen damaged turnbuckles 
from improper installation. I have seen damaged turnbuckles from outside 
influences such as a tractor or truck clipping the turnbuckle and or guy 
cable, this however created additional extensive damage to the tower, more so 
to the guy cable and tower than the turnbuckles. 
In that there is no further tower damage, you must have received an 
improperly manufactured turnbuckle initially and installed same and just now 
noticed it.
You can some times save a couple of nickels with the support structure, BUT 
you should never attempt to cut corners on your method of supporting your 
structure. Lives are at stake here. Always keep a figure 8 safety loop in 
between your buckles and anchor. Always check your anchors first before you 
climb, and when climbing absolutely positively do not forget about the laws 
of gravity.

Thank You,

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