[TowerTalk] 20 meter elements interacting with 17?

Lane Zeitler Ku7i@worldnet.att.net
Tue, 4 Jul 2000 06:38:07 -0700

Put up a homebrew  yagi yesterday on an 18 foot boom. 3 elements on 17 and 2
on 20. The 20 is using a reflector. I was afraid that the director for 20
mignt interfere with the 17 meter band so I left it off hoping that 2
elements on 20 would be enough. The ant is a flame thrower on 17. On 20 it
works "okay" but not nearly as well as on 17. I will add the 20 meter
director tomorrow and hope that it will not interact with the 17 meter band
and improve the performance of the 20 meter band. The ant was 35 feet in the
air during the testing.

Is there any reason why the two bands can not be interlaced on the same
boom. They are about 23% different in frequency (14 mhz vs. 18 mhz).


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