[TowerTalk] perspective

Brian Alsop alsopb@gloryroad.net
Thu, 20 Jul 2000 11:15:13 +0000

Two other points.

1) Contesting is all about rate.  Can one achieve a better rate by
having a few db more signal (either side)?  I think the answer is
obviously yes.
Even a few less repeats can make a significant difference.

2) Adding a few more db can't hurt.  Thus there is no downside.  (There
might be the exception when one is working lots of stuff off the back
and one gets that db by greatly increasing the F/B ratio).

I think it is quite clear that those advocating the benefits of a few db
are contesters.  It is not clear that those arguing against are.  It is
clear those arguing against the benefit haven't operated 10, 15 and 20M
(especially in a multi op environment) for the full 48 hours.  One works
lots of weak ones.
Also the arguments about AGC are falacious.  Listen to an S0 or S1
signal. Turn off the AGC.  There is no difference.  AGC systems only
activate above a certain signal threshold.

de Brian/K3KO

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