[TowerTalk] Rohn 25 bolt replacement

Bob, N5RP n5rp@pdq.net
Wed, 01 Mar 2000 03:28:34 -0600

At 14:40 2/29/00, Madison Jones wrote:
>About halfway up a 90' Rohn 25 tower which I had occasion to climb a 
>of weeks ago, I noticed all 6 bolts at one of the section joints show 
>of rusting.  Whatever galvanizing they had once has now faded into 
>If they are not weak, they certainly give the appearance of being 
>weak, and
>certainly are not as sturdy as I, as the climber, would like to see.  The
>rest of the bolts, guys and clamps appear to be in good shape, and I 
>the 6 bolts in question are not from the same batch as all the rest.  How
>can I replace them without dismantling the tower?
Go on a big time diet before you climb.
Then, knock them out one by one, and replace them with hot dipped 
galvanized fittings.
Do it in this order.....
Knock one out
Replace it
Knock one out
Replace it
Get the sequencing?

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