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Rick Bowden n5dxt@flash.net
Wed, 01 Mar 2000 12:35:30 +0000

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Subject: Big Boy Rotors
Date: Wed, 01 Mar 2000 08:12:28 +0000
From: Rick Bowden <n5dxt@flash.net>
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I don't if any of you have botten one of the Big Boy Rotors or not . But
the claim that they will fit Rohn 55G is somewhat true . I just put one
of the PST 51 rotors up . The only way it will fit is if you cut one or
two of the cross bars depending on where you put it in the tower . The
problem is the electric motor that stands of to the side . It's lines up
with the cross bar . The holes in the bottom that bolts it to the rotor
plate also do not line up with any of the standard holes in the plate .
So you will have to drill your own .. His is not a very fun thing to do
hanging of the side of the tower .

So I hope this is of use to some one . They do look quit health and
should do a nice job . But I'm just not to crazy about cutting cross
bars . They are there for a reason and it's not to be cut .

Rick  N5DXT

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