[TowerTalk] Weight for slingshot

K7FL K7FL@ashworth.org
Sun, 05 Mar 2000 06:02:30 -0800

Hi Ted:

I used the slingshot/fishing weight scheme for years. I used 20-25# line,
with a piece of 15# leader (in case it got wrapped around a limb I could
control where the line broke) and a 2oz fishing sinker. I could easily
clear 100' fir trees with this arrangement. I wrote an article for Hinks
and Kinks a few years ago that appeared in QST, and the ARRL Handbook for
some time.

Dennis, K7FL


At 12:46 AM 3/5/00 -1000, you wrote:
>Hi Guys,
>What is the recommended lead fishing weight to use to slingshot a line over 
>a tree? (That is: how many ounces?)

Dennis Ashworth, K7FL
Battle Ground, WA  USA

Team Pantelleria IH9P
African Italy - CQWW SSB

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