[TowerTalk] HyGain Rorobrake

Arne Gjerning gjerning@flash.net
Mon, 06 Mar 2000 19:35:46 -0700

Paul Playford asked about the ROROBRAKE:

Been using the ROTOBRAKE for past 11 years turning 2el 40 (Cushcraft)
and 5el 20M (52ft boom) and great rotor. I actually have 2, 1 as a spare

Cap in original control box is 21-25 MFD 230VAC. Pot in both rotor and
control box are 1K linear.

I scrapped my original control boxes (they are gone) and made my own.

I have copy of original manual if needed. E-mail direct if more info

73 de Arne N7KA
New Mexico

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