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>From info I have on semi- flexible 7X7 construction SS has the following
breaking loads in Kg ie x 2.2 = lbs  dia 4mm=1000 5mm =1500 6mm =2100kg. On
that basis it would be about 3000lbs for 3/16" dia. If the wire is 7X19
flexible construction the BL in Kg drops to 900 for 5mm dia which would end
up in the region of 1900lbs. If you want to be more definite about the 3/16
figures contact a SS wire manufacturer. 73 Clive GM3POI
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Subject: [TowerTalk] Imagine that!

>For the past month or so, we in the Johnson Space Center Amateur Radio
>have been discussing plans for making some antenna changes on our two
>(80' Rohn 45g and 50' freestanding military tower).  Prior to making those
>moves, though, we needed to change out the guys on the 80' tower.  A couple
>of years ago, one of our now-retired members had to foresight to buy some
>guy wire and guy grips.  We needed some more hardware, so I had developed a
>list and presented it at the last club meeting for the obligatory vote
>(blessing?) to spend the club funds for the hardware.
>We were going to order hardware this week.  However, Saturday, I was paged
>by a member at the club station, W5RRR.  He advised that some guys with a
>bucket truck were out at the 80' tower replacing the guys.
>When I got there, I met with the installers.  They were from the Center's
>support contractor (BRSP) acting on a work order issued by Plant
>Engineering.  They were replacing our old guys (EHS) with stainless steel
>guys and hardware.
>I found out this morning from the Technical Monitor for electrical that she
>had issued the work order based on a Safety Division walkthrough of the
>where the club's tower are located about a year ago.  During that
>walkthrough, the guy wires and hardware were identified as needing
>replacement.  The Club had received no word that this was in the planning
>stages and came as a complete surprise.  Cool!
>Now.  My question:
>What is the breaking point of 3/16" stainless steel guy wire?
>My Rohn book was no help.  Neither was Rohn when I called and asked them.
>We did agree that 10% of breaking strength was normal for guy tension.
>I've posed the questions (what's the breaking strength of the guy wire and
>what is the tension to which the guys have been drawn?) back to the
>electrical Tech Monitor to get that info.  The guys seem awfully taut.
>Dale Martin, KG5U
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