[TowerTalk] Control cable for Create RC5B-3?

petri keskinen pkeskinen@yahoo.com
Tue, 7 Mar 2000 05:43:27 -0800 (PST)

 Hello all,

 I'm going to set up new tower as soon as we'll
 get rid of the snow here. The 70 feet tower will 
 be abt. 200 feet north from the shack on top of the 
 150feet hill. So I need approx. 420feet of cables. 
 Coax is not a problem, I'll use 1/2" hardline for HF
 bands. But I'm wondering how thick should the
 rotator control cable be? My rotator is Create
 Manual says that I need 7*0,75mm2 cable if the run is
  less than 50m (164ft)and 7*2,00m2 cable if the run
is   up to 80m(262ft).  Does anyone have any
experiences on 
 even longer runs? If I can't afford buying cable
which   is thick enough, can I use 5*2,00mm2 + 2*5mm2
or some 
 other combination? I suppose all wires don't need to
 be thick ones, but which ones do?
 Thanks in advance,
 oh3mep, oh0mep, etc
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