[TowerTalk] antenna for data collection out at sea

henry henry@pacinfo.com
Wed, 08 Mar 2000 21:32:07 -0800

I'm trying to sort out an antenna problem. I need to upload information and
position from a data collection device floating on the surface of the ocean
to a satalite. The data goes up at about 148 mHz and the position goes up
at GPS frequencies. I have size limitations, weight limitations and the
thing has to go down to 1800 meters and be secure. 

Right now, a j-pole is in use, but the changing surface of the water tends
to detune is drastically, resulting in reduced signals. 

Modeling is a direction we want to go, but we need to be able to deal with
the changing surface. That can be modeled as a sin wave at .5 hertz. 

Any suggestions as to software or antenna designs?




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