[TowerTalk] Hazers!

Greg Gobleman k9zm@frontiernet.net
Fri, 10 Mar 2000 19:24:43 -0600

Once the tower is up, if it's a smaller tower, it is not necessary to climb
it every time you want to lower the antenna.  Pick a calm day, loosen the 3
guys, carefully observing everything.  Then unhook 2 guys at the anchors and
crank it down.  Glen Martin's material shows this very system and with a
hinged base you would never have to climb their tower.  My situation is a
bit more complicated because of height of the tower and size and weight of
the antennas.  I need 2 sets of guys and for that reason, someone must climb
to the lower set and remove the guy bracket for the Hazer to pass.  I can
also lower the antenna with a set of guys attached at some point on the
tower when raising or lowering the Hazer.

Not being a skinny person, I don't climb.

Greg K9ZM

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