[TowerTalk] Terminating resistors summary II

alsopb alsopb@gloryroad.net
Tue, 14 Mar 2000 11:23:48 +0000


The response to this has been fantastic.  I now have scrounged some

Thanks to all who responded-- including those who offered to procure
some for me.  I can't get back to you all personally.

There are some potential sources out there.

For big heafty terminating resistors (e.g rhombics) watts to Kw's try:
There are some which are non-inductive and some which are not.  Good
spec sheets.

Other potential sources not checked out

Linear Electronics, Waltham, Mass 781-894-7300
Electronics Expiditers 704-455-9222

I'm learning.  Apparently the "ceramic composition" type resistors are
the replacement for higher wattage carbon.  It is rumored that they
non-inductive.  However, from the Globar specs there seem to be
ceramic composition resistors that are specifically spelled out and
non-inductive and those which are not.  

Again thanks all.

73 de Brian/K3KO

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