[TowerTalk] North? Use the Moon!

Jim Reid kh7m@hsa-kauai.net
Tue, 14 Mar 2000 18:26:44 -1000

> >Look up at the moon.  The line dividing the light and
> >the dark of the moon is running exactly N-S!  That
> >dividing line is called the "Terminator",  same as
> >hear on our world.
> While the terminator on the moon is exactly parallel to the terminator on
> the Earth, the terminator only runs north/south twice a year -- the first
> day of spring and the first day of fall.

Hmmmm?  Does the moon also have seasons?  Or,  to say
it another way,  is the moon also tipped 23.5 degrees on
it's rotational axis?  Seems that would impact which way
the terminator line would project.

What is the inclination of the rotational axis of the moon?

Could not find the info anywhere.

However,  right now,  and for the last several and the next
many days,  the moon is a great compass in the sky.  But,
as more of the moon's disk gets illuminated by the Sun,  it
will become much less useful as a North direction compass.

Anyway,  it works here in the tropics,  where it does not
work to site the Sun at sidereal noon. The Sun gets too high
overhead,  and the shadows very,  very short!  In fact,  for
several weeks of the year,  the silly Sun goes to the North
of our zenith.

73,  Jim,  KH7M

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