[TowerTalk] 160M Loop

Ted Leaf tleaf@hotmail.com
Wed, 15 Mar 2000 03:06:34 HST

Hi Guys,

I am putting up a horizontal full wave loop for 160M. (Remember my previous 
post on slingshooting over trees?)  It will average about 40' high.  I don't 
expect it do much for DX, but I need it to work the Islands (250 mile range) 
in an emergency in the very early morning hours--when 40 and 80M are out 

One of the corners will be near a wooden power pole which carries 240V.  
Fortunately, there is no transformer on it and no high voltage feeder lines.

My question is:  Is there any distance I need to keep away from the pole to 
avoid QRN?  I need to be as close as possible to it to get enough wire out 
on my city lot.

73, Aloha
Ted Leaf, K6HI
Kona, Hawaii

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