[TowerTalk] Two Die in Ham Radio Tower Accident!!!

Brad Anbro n9en@hotmail.com
Tue, 21 Mar 2000 23:50:56 CST

I guess that Henry and every one else, for that matter, are entitled
to their own opinions, as to whether or not onw would want to hire "a
ham" to do tower and/or antenna work. I happen to be the owner of
four (4) guyed Rohn towers: 2 - Rohn 25 (62' & 63') and 2 Rohn 45
(90' & 136') that I installed myself, including digging all of the
holes, fabricating reinforcing assemblies for guy anchors & tower
bases and the erection of all tower sections and all rotatora and
antennas that were installed on each tower.

On my 136' tower, I had a KLM 40M-4 w/ HD boom and abt 8-1/2' above
it was a HyGain 204BA. The rotator that was used to turn it all was
(is) a older Hygain commercial model rotator that weighs somewhere
in the neighborhood of 150 lbs. The KLM 40M-4 weighed 185 lbs. and
my pick-up truck was used in conjunction with 1/8" galv. steel air-
craft cable and a super-heavy-duty homemade gin pole to do the lift-

I have since taken down the KLM 40M-4 and the HyGain 204BA; in place
now is a CushCraft 40-2CD, which is up there temporarily, until I'm
able to finish building a COPY of a Telrex 40M346, which is a 3 el-
ement (full-size elements) 40 meter yagi on a 46' long boom. The
40M346 will weigh somewhere around 215 lbs. when finished and I'm
quite confident that I'll be able to install the antenna in as safe
a manner as any "professional" person would be capable of doing.

A number of the area hams have hired me to do their tower and an-
tenna work as they didn't care / weren't qualified to do the work
themselves and they were apparently satisfied with my own installa-
tions such that they had no qualms with me doing work for them. By
the way, I have never "looked for any of this kind of work;" it al-
seems to find me.

73 de Brad, N9EN @ Radio Free Roscoe (IL)


>From: K4tmc@aol.com
>To: towertalk@contesting.com
>Subject: [TowerTalk] Two Die in Ham Radio Tower Accident!!!
>Date: Tue, 21 Mar 2000 12:15:34 EST
>This was in this morning's local paper (Raleigh, NC - The News & Observer):
>2 Killed When Wind Topples Ham Radio Tower in Burke
>Two men fell 60 feet to their deaths when a wind gust toppled a ham radio 
>tower they were building in western Burke County (NC).  (Name 1), 46, and 
>(Name 2) 37, both of Nebo, died at the scene Saturday, Burke County 
>authorities said.
>Name 1, Name 2 and four other men were building the tower as a birthday 
>present for (Name 3), who lives at the site where the accident occurred, 
>said Detective Stacey Buff of the sheriff's office.
>Buff said the other men were hoisting a section of tower to Name 1 and Name 
>2 atop the partially assembled tower when a wind gust broke the suspended 
>section, which then caused the tower the men were standing on to topple.  
>(end of story)
>I left the men's name out on purpose. I have no other information at this 
>time; just thought everyone should be aware.  Think twice about having 
>amateurs do this type of work.
>Henry Pollock - K4TMC
>Raleigh, NC
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