[[TowerTalk] Questio: US Towers Raising Fixture]

Joe Duerbusch jduerbusch@netscape.net
23 Mar 00 08:12:16 CST

Hi Jim, we just installed a US Tower 72 footer for the Boeing Aircraft Company
club station.  It has the raising fixture.  Worked very well, one man
operation but once you have large antenna's on it, you can only bring it over
so far.

If you like to see a 1st class installation, checkout our website.


BTW the most tower damage happens in truck shipment.  So to avoid it, we had
our own truck pick it out from the US Tower factory.  Once loaded, the tower
was not touched until we unloaded it.  Also checkout our on site crane that is
available all the time at no charge.

Joe K0BX for W0MA Boeing Employees Radio Club (BEARS) St. Louis
K5RST <K5RST@flash.net> wrote:

I'm thinking of buying the raising fixture for my tower and I'm looking
for feedback. If you have one and like or dislike please let me know.
Also, is it a one person operation? is it practical?
73, Jim


Joe Duerbusch K0BX

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