[TowerTalk] Two Killed Erecting Tower

Bill Coleman AA4LR aa4lr@radio.org
Thu, 23 Mar 2000 10:19:59 -0500

On 3/22/00 6:52 PM, AA6DX at dx@northcoast.com wrote:

>What if the media got the CB angle wrong --  too! -- and the tower was for
>SWLing .. or a scanner ... or the birthday guy's TV aerial?  Who told you
>they were CBers putting up an illegal apparatus, anyway? 

One of the articles specifically mentioned they were CBers that were 
putting up a high antenna in order to be able to talk long distances. 

>On the other hand, the discussions that have been shared
>here has been worthwhile, and I, for one, appreciate all the POSITIVE input
>as to sensible tower climbing, and safety issues.

Hear, hear!

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