[TowerTalk] LM-470 Raising Control Unit

Stuart Browne satcom@lava.net
Thu, 23 Mar 2000 07:37:30 -1000


I'm the new owner of a LM-470 that I discovered at  a steel company's
yard in Honolulu. I "stole it" for only $200.  It was removed from an
estate in the ritzy part of Waikiki and sat in the yard for a couple of

The tower is in great shape, and I already have it up and it was in
operation for the ARRL DX Phone test  supporting   my new F12 C4XL.

This LM-470 model is a positive pull down and has a Nema
enclosure above the electric motor containing  the relays that control
the up and down movements. Coming out of the Nema box is a control cable
that went to a control head that was used to remote control the up/down
direction of the motor. The relays were apparently powered via the
control head as I had to manually activate the relays to raise and lower
the tower.

I'm looking for  info on the original Tri-Ex  relays/control head or a
homebrew design so that I can build-up a replacement to the control
head. Anybody out there have any  info ?


BTW the C4XL was an absolute "killer" during the contest on all bands
and performed way better than expected...it was exceptional on 40 meters
and out performed a B&W trap dipole that's works very well.

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