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thompson@mindspring.com thompson@mindspring.com
Mon, 27 Mar 2000 09:13:57 -0500

The Hexbeam is a fine compact antenna but 6dbd gain?   My feeling is that
with all these small beams
getting a good F/B is confused with forward gain.   A full size 2 element
beam will approach 6dbd gain
(how about 5dbd usually).   Most  3 element beams don't get 6dbd gain.

Over 20 years ago Ron Gorski (in QST) showed that you could build a small
beam that was almost as efficient as a full size
one.   The knock is that the SWR bandwidth is very narrow (due to high Q).
I have the diagram of the early Hex Beam (from the UK).
The design was then simple bent dipoles with dipoles for other bands acting
as reflectors and directors (some inefficient) to give some gain (but not
6DBD)...maybe 2 dbd.  At least Force 12 admits this on the WARC bands (with
the C-3).

Every year we get grand claims for small beams with high gain and great F/B.
Remember the VK (who was also
a W3) selling his 3 el 20 on a 12 foot boom claiming 10 dbd?   But small
antennas do work.  I have used the Uni-Hat
folded unipole vertical (31' with top hat) with good results on 160.  But
equal a full size 1/4 wave with proper radials...please.
K7JA ran a big score from KP4 several years ago in the ARRL SS using the
little bencher/Butternut  2 el beam/quad.   But if you have room for a small
beam and your options are a dipole or short loaded vertical...then the small
beam wins hands down.

Dave K4JRB

> The latest issue of CQ magazine gives the hexbeam a rave review. How does
> compare to the better tribanders(F12 c-3,skyhawk) or a 2 ele.quad ? They
> 6 dbd gain and a F/B as high as 24 db. Almost sounds to good to be true.
> Comments appreciated . KB3EAY.

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