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Mon, 27 Mar 2000 23:20:31 EST

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chetp@netcarrier.com writes:

> Maybe the towertalk bunch can help me on this. I have a tower pad,
>  5'X5'X7' very nice shape, but the bolts were cut off by a previous
>  owner. We found the pad under a gazebo! Some papers
>  in the garage had the size, and construction "plans".
>  I've heard of epoxy, etc for installing bolts. Any ideas guys?
      Wow - a buried treasure! After drilling appropriate sized holes, you 
can use industrial epoxy to install your new anchor bolts. Common hardware 
store-grade all-thread is only good for light-weight installations so consult 
the yellow pages for a supplier of these high-strength bolts. Also ask them 
about their industrial epoxies and ask them to recommend one. This method is 
used to anchor some really big stuff so it'll work fine for ham applications. 

      That's an industrial-strength hole that'll hold just about any ham 
structure but make sure it's right for your job.

Cheers,    Steve   K7LXC
Tower Tech 

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