[TowerTalk] Small free-standing to Bigger free-standing

David Jones djones@hwcn.org
Tue, 28 Mar 2000 19:10:17 -0500

If one was thinking about moving from a relatively small 48' HD
free-standing tower (concrete base roughly 4x4x4' - top at ground level) to
a much larger free-standing (80-96' HD Trylon) with a much wider lowest
Could you build up-and-around the current base to install your lowest
For example:
1) Dig out another foot (or more, because you certainly couldn't get
underneath again) all the way around and build another rebar cage to go
around it.
2) Then build up the concrete another six inches or so above the current
grade to gain at least some additional height/volume.
3) Plant your bottom stubs in the new concrete around the old?
David Jones  VE3STT
e-mail: ve3stt@rac.ca

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