[TowerTalk] WSW beverage noise reduction

i4jmy@iol.it i4jmy@iol.it
Wed, 29 Mar 2000 17:10:13 +0200

Your Beverages are nearly normal to each other whose fact might well 
explain an opposite rejection or sensitivity to a particular signal or 
Selecting a terminating resistor that matches antenna (here seen as a 
line) impedance to itself is a good practice but doesn't cure if the 
beverage lenght and height are not the best to enhance F/B or wanted 
It's also possible that the "incriminated beverage" is coupling to 
another antenna, or something else behaving like an antenna, that is 
actually inducing noise and unwanted patterns in the beverage.
A vertically polarized antenna shouldn't be close the beverage.
Concerning the "predominant noise direction" this is typical of 
artificial noises and much less common with weather realated radio 

Mauri I4JMY

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> Subject : [TowerTalk] WSW beverage noise reduction
> Guys,
> I wonder if any of you have experienced this.
> First, I built a 550' beverage for 80/160 pointing just south of west.
> I also built one pointing NE.
> I then followed the ON4UN method to determine the proper value of
> terminating resisitor (look for dips when sweeping 1.5-7Mhz and find
> the resistor which minimizes them).
> The NE beverage shows a considerable reduction in atmospherics and
> decent directivity.
> The WSW beverage shows decent directivity but not as much atmospheric
> noise rejection like the NE beverage.  
> Is this because the WSW beverage is pointing into the predominant
> noise direction or ????
> de Brian/K3KO

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