[TowerTalk] Small free-standing to Bigger free-standing

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Wed, 29 Mar 2000 11:54:30 EST

In a message dated 03/29/2000 8:40:35 AM Pacific Standard Time, 
PBARKEY@gw.bsu.edu writes:

> Have you ever tried to break up a buried concrete base
>  with an electric jack hammer?  It can't be done.
>  Believe me, I've tried.  You won't even dent it.
>  When I left my Ohio QTH, I spent big bucks renting
>  a Bobcat with a nitrogen powered hammer on a
>  big arm that only managed to break up the base
>  down to the point where I could hide it with 0.5
>  inches of top soil.
>  To break up the base, you'd have to lift the thing
>  out of the ground.  But to do that, you'd have to
>  dig around it anyway.  Either way, its a lot of work,
>  but I'd go for drilling the holes needed for the
>  rebar to tie it to the expanded foundation.

Hi, Pat --

      Thanks for your 'real life' comments. I've only been around a couple of 
instances where the rented jackhammer technique was applied but it seemed to 
work. Perhaps they were working with 3kpsi concrete and yours was 5kpsi or 
something. I don't remember how much of the concrete they removed either. 

     For commercial jobs I've hired a backhoe that had a jackhammer on it. He 
not only broke up the concrete but also picked it up and hauled it away. 

     But maybe for the effort involved, using Hank's method of rebar-coupling 
is the way to go. And thanks to the great group at TowerTalk, we've got some 
real comments and options that'll make it work. 

Cheers,   Steve    K7LXC
Tower Tech

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