[TowerTalk] WSW beverage noise reduction

Jack Goforth jgoforth@esper.com
Wed, 29 Mar 2000 17:40:22 -0400

It has been my experience that the "southern" beverages
always have more noise. However they may & will sound different
at different times of the night, month and year. 

"Noise" is caused by thunder storms, solar storms and of corse,
terrestrial man made sources...But if your beverage is properly set 
up, tuned and matched, you can be sure what ever noise your hearing 
is coming from the direction of the main lobe of your antenna.

>From East TN, my SW and S beverages are my "noisiest," (most
of the time)...For transmit, I use a an 80m Delta Loop on 80 & 40m 
and a shunt fed 70' tower on 160m.
Jack  K4IBP

At 05:10 PM 3/29/2000 +0200, i4jmy@iol.it wrote:
>Your Beverages are nearly normal to each other whose fact might well 
>explain an opposite rejection or sensitivity to a particular signal or 
>Selecting a terminating resistor that matches antenna (here seen as a 
>line) impedance to itself is a good practice but doesn't cure if the 
>beverage lenght and height are not the best to enhance F/B or wanted 
>It's also possible that the "incriminated beverage" is coupling to 
>another antenna, or something else behaving like an antenna, that is 
>actually inducing noise and unwanted patterns in the beverage.
>A vertically polarized antenna shouldn't be close the beverage.
>Concerning the "predominant noise direction" this is typical of 
>artificial noises and much less common with weather realated radio 

What Mauri says about coupling and other degraders of Beverage performance
is no doubt true, but here in the eastern US it sure seems as if the SW
quadrant is noisier on average than the others.  I notice this often with
my lazy-vee parasitic array on 80m., and wonder if others with 4-squares or
equivalent confirm this.

73,  Pete N4ZR

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