[TowerTalk] MFJ259b jumper problem.

Bill Aycock baycock@HIWAAY.NET
Thu, 30 Mar 2000 22:33:08 -0600

I have not had need to use my 259 for a few weeks, and, on picking it up
the other day, I found it dead when I tried to use battery power. OK on the
wall-wart, but dead as a carp without it. I assumed the batteries were
down, (although it had not been unused THAT long), so I plugged it in
overnight to charge. The next morning- still dead on Bat, OK when plugged in.

 After I opened it up, I found the Batteries at minimum charge, and no
voltage on them when the wall-wart was plugged it . On looking around- I
found the shorting jumper that is set to choose between "charger enabled"
and "charger disabled" was missing. This is one of those tiny,
computer-type, black plastic gadgets that slips onto pins to select between
the options.  I found it on the table, where it had fallen when I opened
the case.

When I put this back where it belonged, the voltage read OK (but low) at
the battery box, with the charger plugged in. However, the jumper felt very
loose, and not as I expected it to feel. I have attached and moved these
things hundreds of times, in working on computers, and this one did not
feel right. Further checking showed that if I did not seat it FIRMLY, it
would fall off when I turned the unit over. Not a proper fit, at all.

I replaced the jumper with a spare, and it felt, and worked, fine, so the
problem was in the jumper, not the pins on the board. These are pretty tiny
objects, and a little hard to see into, but the brass sheet loops that form
the actual contacts looked like they were larger than normal.

Before anyone jumps up and yells "poor QC", ( frequent "Knee-jerk"
reaction), I would hesitate.  This is NOT the type of thing that is
normally checked 100% by function test, by ANY manufacturer, and even had
it been, this piece would probably have passed.  

THe only reason I report this to the lists, is to point out an experienced
problem, to cut the trouble shooting time down, should anyone else run into
a similar  happening. I expect this is a very rare thing, but-  who knows?

Bill- (Generally quite happy with Starkville) - W4BSG 

Bill Aycock   ---   Persimmon Hill 
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