[TowerTalk] TH6 to TH "2.5" conversion

n4kg@juno.com n4kg@juno.com
Wed, 3 May 2000 05:39:22 -0600

On Wed, 3 May 2000  markku.a.oksanen@nokia.com writes:

> > Hi,
> > Second- has anybody turned a TH6 to two element beam 
> > such that you  use the
> > driver and the "reflector cell" on the back of he beam?  
> > 
> > Markku
> > OH2RA
> > markku.a.oksanen@nokia.com

Interesting idea.  I have been thinking of doing exactly the
same thing with the remains of a TH7 from a fallen tower*.
Would make a GREAT high angle antenna side mounted
at 35 to 40 ft on a taller tower, or placed on a small tower
or mast, or mounted on a modest mast above a 40M beam.

Force 12 reports their 2L Yagi's are as good or better than
most 3L tribanders.  Trapped elements should come close
in gain. Reduced Bandwidth is the usual penalty for using traps.

Just go with the original reflector dimensions.  

For the driven element, I was thinking of using a direct feed 
on the split (insulated) dipole.  You may need to lengthen it 
from the original dimensions.  

de  Tom  N4KG

* Previous owner used cut-off telephone poles for guy anchors.
One was located next to a garage roof.  Pole rotted and eye
bolt with 2.5 inch square plate pulled through the rotted pole.

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