[TowerTalk] Hy-gain Explorer 14

N0OEL@aol.com N0OEL@aol.com
Mon, 2 Oct 2000 00:37:10 EDT

I have had my Explorer 14 on the air for about 10 years.    It is a 
gangbuster beam!
Great front to back and a real DX performer.    Many a time I have topped 
some of the larger beams or at least equaled them.       Short beam with long 
elements and
was computer designed by HyGain.    

I think the 40 mtr and 30 mtr add on for the 14 is not only ugly but adds too 
much windload to be worthwhile.    I would not recommend that option.

One last thing...........when I turn the beam from deadon  to the side
I often disappear to a station and when the back swings around to them it can 
often be a difference from 20 over (from headon) to S5 off the back!!   Yes!

I hope that MFJ keeps up the Explorer 14 quality and tradition.

Good luck Tom!


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