[TowerTalk] Re: Mast winch DE K0FF

Wed, 4 Oct 2000 16:50:25 -0500

Ron, the mast winch is a little fixture that mount to the top plate of
 the tower, and feeds a cable down through some holes and hooks up to the
After removing the rotor, the which allows you to lower and then raise the
mast by yourself. All that is necessary is that the top plate, bearing
if so equipped and rotor plate have extra holes or notches in them to
accommodate the bolts and cable. Very easy to premake these before
a tower is first built, and do-able afterward, but more difficult of course.
The mast itself is drilled with a hole that is tapped for a 1/2" bolt, just
above any rotor clamps etc. The gadget looks like an anchor winch
from a boat. This one was made for me by US Tower, and of course
I had to modify it. In case you're curious, the objects in the background
are homemade mobile mounts. The Hitch pin on the right is a perfect slip
fit inside a piece of Radio Shack TV mast.


Happy Building, Geo>K0FF

>Hi George,
>     I've been following your construction posts and you've mentioned
>a "mast winch" several times.  What the heck is a mast winch?
  Best if this is something I can build,  I do
>have a modest machine shop available.

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