[TowerTalk] FCC RF Safety Regs Info Sept 1

George Bethea geo@datasync.com
Sat, 2 Sep 2000 07:47:00 -0500

Yuri is correct. The problem with our government (it has many) is that once
some enviro wacko gets enough people into a crisis mode and gets restrictive
laws passed that have no real scientific base in fact, they are almost
always impossible to reverse. I recently had a friend who was diagnosed with
a small brain tumor and had it removed. His doctor said it was probably
caused by exposure to RF when he served in Vietnam as a field radioman. A 5
watt VHF field radio melted my buds brain........yea right........ Seems
after medical investigations into his family history, it was found that two
other relatives have had the same medical condition.  Can you say genetics!
Guess his great aunt was a radioman in Vietnam also. Wake up America before
we have no freedoms left. Yuri nailed it, we are becoming more and more like
former failed socialist/
communist Eastern European countries. I say former as they are all on the
fast track to become a
American style free market economy based on personal achievement and
responsibility. Until proven one way or the other we should all try to
follow the RF exposure guidelines. It is the law now and probably forever,
even if proven false as it will be. If you as a citizen prefer your
government to be all powerful and infringe on you GOD GIVEN RIGHTS, laid
forth in our Constitution, then continue your support of ridiculous panic
evoking hysteria resulting in the eventual loss of all of your rights......
Dick Cheney is right-on when he says "IT IS TIME FOR A CHANGE"!!!!!!! Yes,
my station exceeds the safety requirements due to proper engineering
protocols, not some misguided miscreants hysteria induced legislation.
                                                             Your RF loving
                                                              George Bethea

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