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Hello towertalk,

We're back to one of those "how do ya tell" questions.  Based on the
input here (which was pretty diverse) I went to the sites for several
rotors to compare specs.  Rotors, just like antennas, have no standard
of comparison.  Each company has it's own gobbledygook of marketing.
For instance, how do you compare the following??

Orion 2800  -
Wind Area Capacity            35 sq. ft.
Starting Torque               3500 in. lbs.
Rotating Torque               2800 in. lbs.
Braking Torque                17,000
Vertical Load Capacity        1800 lbs
Mast Size (OD)                1.75-3"
Rotation Speeds / 360 degrees 55 TO 300 sec.
Rotation Range                0-360 degrees -+ 14 degrees
Weight (rotator unit)         42 lbs.

Cost                          $1429 with controller

Yaesu G2800SDX -
Wind Load                     23.5 Sq. Ft.
K-Factor                      2,020 Ft.-Lbs.
Stationary Torque             433 Ft.-Lbs.
Rotation Torque               43-79 Ft.-Lbs.
Max. Vert. Load               440 Lbs.
Max. Vert. Intermittent Load  1320 Lbs.
Mast Size                     1-1/2 - 2-1/2 In.
Backlash                       2
360 Rotation Time            35-74 Seconds
Weight                        7.7 Lbs.
Cable Conductors              5

Cost                          $1069

Couple of observations.  If I convert Yaesu's ft/lb to
in/lb by multiplying by 12, the Yaesu still comes out quite a bit on the short end
of the stick.  Interesting that the Orion has a 360 degree rotation,
+/- 14 degrees.  Seems to me that's not very good.  Theoretically it
could be 15 degrees short, when I'd really like to see over 360
degrees so I can quickly hit that station that always seems to be just
the other side of the mark requiring a 350 degree rotation <G>.

I've tried to find the "Prop Pitch" rotor and had no success.  Same
with Aztec RF.   Any ideas?

73's from....

R. Otto
Cincinnati, Ohio

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