[TowerTalk] Tram question.

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Sat, 9 Sep 2000 10:00:59 EDT

In a message dated 09/08/2000 8:39:33 AM Pacific Daylight Time, 
steve@oakcom.com writes:

> Attach your load pulley high enough on the mast for the final pull.
>  Attach a second pulley at, or just below, the tram line.  The load
>  line passes through the second pulley, thereby pulling the load from
>  that point.
>  When the antenna reaches the tower, remove the tram line, remove
>  the second pulley from the tower, and pull the antenna up the rest
>  of the way, without needing any re-rigging or load transfers.

    Interesting. I hadn't thought of doing it like that before. I've just 
used a comealong to pull the antenna up if necessary. These are both 2-step 

    The simplest way was already mentioned and that was to rig the tramline 
up a little higher and then relax the tramline. Generally the antenna will be 
against the mast and ready to clamp. It works most of the time anyway - hi.

Cheers,   Steve   K7LXC
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