[TowerTalk] 80-75M Inverted Vee or Dipole

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Mon, 11 Sep 2000 09:37:44 EDT

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alsopb@gloryroad.net writes:<<
Finally an admission that coax has at least some uses.  We're slowly
 converting you.
 Can I bury open wire line?

*********No but unless you bury coax with a special jacket the ground 
gremlins will get it and your investment is wasted.  Open wire line properly 
installed will last past your lifetime, has less loss than any coax and at 
the least initial cost.  I've actually used several thousand feet of coax.  
The covering cracked or water got in it, got damaged beyond repair or the 
loss increased excessively.  This represents a lot of money totally wasted.  
My first open wire feedline didn't cost anything, is very easy to repair, 
still has very low loss, can take 15 KW and I still have it.  Even some 
contesters are using it.  K7GCO

 de Brian/K3KO
 > In a message dated 9/10/00 1:05:28 PM Pacific Daylight Time,
 > alsopb@gloryroad.net writes:
 > <<
 >  >      Coax is just a fad and it will die off.
 >  >
 >  Yep, those guys who build cell phone towers are all wet.  They could
 >  be using open wire line and save mucho bucks.  I wonder why they
 >  didn't think of it?  Could it be that
 >  they actually did some engineering instead of listening to preachers?
 >  73 de Brian/K3KO 
 >   >>
 > Brian:  Coax actually has it's applications at Cell frequencies. k7gco

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