[TowerTalk] Tower bases next to foundations DE K0FF

Tue, 12 Sep 2000 15:35:49 -0500

I don't want to endorse this for your situation but here is what I did and
the results :

In the overall design of the antenna farm consideration was given to
feedline loss on UHF antennas so those towers are as close as can be to the
main operating position.

Tower base dug right next to the foundation of house, extends down the same
distance as the (poured concrete) basement wall. Filled in bottom with
gravel to retain the function of a drain tile down there.  Two 1" holes
drilled through basement wall with rotary hammer. Two 3 foot, one inch "J"
bolts doped with asphalt  and stuck through holes, with the hook outside
where it mingled with the rebar cage and the threaded part inside, where it
passed though a 1/4" steel plate and was nutted up ( left loose ). After the
concrete cured, the nuts were run up tight. A three sided form was used for
the concrete and the outside of the wall was the fourth side of the form.
Did this at both ends of the house for 2 different towers.

Result; : eventually there was the inevitable Missouri tornado and it tore
the heck out of one tower ( a crank up that was UP all the way). The tower
bent over just above the top of the bottom section like spaghetti. Antennas
went into the trees, but the bottom section of tower stayed straight and so
far no signs of cracking in wall or movement in the base.
 Replaced the tower, and both been up and operational for about 7 years now
(also that's when I went to MOTORIZED towers!)

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