[TowerTalk] Cushcraft R-7000

Vicens Llario vllario@alusuisse.es" <vllario@alusuisse.es
Wed, 13 Sep 2000 10:14:15 +0200

Hi to all the list

This is my first posting asking for some help. I am about to erect a second 
hand R-7000 I recently bought. The antenna was damaged during a wind storm 
and when disassembled some of the parts were lost. I have been able to pick 
up all the missing bits and pieces but when checking the traps I realised 
that when shacking CT1, a sound came from inside as if a small piece of 
plastic was broken. I was trying to get some help from CC to get the 
directions to disassemble and check the inside of the trap, with no 
results. I wonder if CT1 will be in good working order but I will only be 
able to know this when the antenna will be erected and tuned according to 
CC users manual. If CT1 is damaged I will need a replacement. I wonder if 
someone out there will have a CT1 trap in the junk box to part with, just 
in case my trap is defective. Thanks in advance for your cooperation and 
help. Best 72

Vicenc, EA3ADV QRP

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