[TowerTalk] Winding Beverage RX Balun de K0FF

Jim Rhodes rhodes@willinet.net
Sat, 16 Sep 2000 13:06:00 -0500

At 05:01 PM 09/15/2000, you wrote:

>Now it took me more time to get the label to print out the way I wanted than
>it did to make the device. Finally got the wording the way it should be, and
>then affixed it to the panel with an overlayer of C-Line do-it-yourself
>laminating plastic, for weather proofing.  Anyone got a lead on a nifty
>(free) program for printing
>control panels, graphics for equipment, or especially dials and meter faces?
>Happy Building, Geo>K0FF
I have always used MS Publisher. With publishing software you can do layout 
in inches or millimeters, bend test strings to make dial calibrations or 
meter faces, place circles for shaft holes at precise locations (with marks 
for center punch) and even use color if you have access to an ink jet 
printer. Print the final product on "full sheet" label stock and cover with 
laminating sheet. I suppose it would look less "homebrew" if I could find a 
way to print in white characters on black paper, but the labels are clear, 
readable and durable. You can do pretty much the same thing with some word 
proccessors, but the layout is much less precise.

Jim Rhodes K0XU

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