[TowerTalk] How do I figure windloading reduction of a mast on tower?

Gary Mitchelson n3jpu@erols.com
Sat, 16 Sep 2000 18:25:27 -0000

How can I figure what the reduction in windloading capacity is of my tower
when I use an extended mast?

My tower is a Triex LM237 with a windloading spec of:
16 sq ft @ 50MPH or
10 sq ft @ 70MPH
at 3 feet above the thrustbearing

The rotor is a T2X three feet below a thrustbearing and it is spec'd at:
20 sq ft @ unk speed
at 3 feet above the thrustbearing

That leaves me with 9 feet of mast above the 3 foot above thrustbearing
spec. The mast is a total of 15' (3' below TB) of 2" x .250" 60,000 PSI
steel mast.

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