[TowerTalk] Traps

ValErwin@aol.com ValErwin@aol.com
Tue, 19 Sep 2000 09:44:23 EDT


I am most interested in seeing your trap measurement results. Apparently I 
missed an earlier E-mail telling of this venture.  I am particularly 
interested in some comparative data between: W2AU, RG58 coax traps, RG59 coax 
traps, etc.

What parameters will you be looking at on each trap?

I find it particularly interesting that you have built a LARGE shielded box 
in which to do your measurements. I would tend to think  that in order to 
minimize the capacitive effects, etc., on the trap the "box" would become so 
large as to become unwieldily!   Being an EMC engineer, I would tend to think 
that an RF anechoic chamber would be just the ticket for doing these 

GL and keep us all informed!


Val L. Erwin

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