[TowerTalk] aluminum tubing

n7ws@azstarnet.com n7ws@azstarnet.com
Wed, 20 Sep 2000 22:08:14 -0700

At 08:38 PM 9/20/00 -0500, John D. Farr wrote:
>Steve: Check out http://www.onlinemetals.com/ . They have tubing in small
>quantities. I don't know how their prices compare per pound to what you have
>already found.

They sure aren't cheaper than Texas Towers.


1" OD, 0.058" wall  6061-T6  $3.53/foot at onlinemetals

1" OD, 0.058" wall  6063-T832  $1.10/foot at Texas Towers

"Physical Design of Yagi Antennas"  says that both alloys are of
comparable yield strength ~ 35,000 lb/in^2.

Unfortunately, even Texas Towers is too rich for my blood.  I was hoping to
HB a 4 or 5 element 20 meter beam.  I already have a suitable boom but just
pricing out the element material I come up with over $300 plus whatever it
would cost to ship by truck.  When a 204BA goes for under $500, it's hard
to justify building my own.  sigh..

Wes  N7WS

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