[TowerTalk] Comment on Force 12

Peter Larsen ve6yc@home.com
Fri, 22 Sep 2000 00:19:04 +0100

> Does Force 12 actually build them or do they use the computer 
> to model a possible combination but only build them if enough 
> orders come along? 

A friend of mine liked the look of the DXer that F-12 was making
a number of years back. He had a lot of discussions with 
the guys at F-12 on making a bigger model. It was built, tested,
and sent out to my friend. This antenna became the DXer plus.
So F-12 wasn't adverse to making "one offs" at one time.
They have always seemed a good bunch of people there to me.
I just wish I could afford a C-19 :-(
 Peter J. Larsen
 VE6YC  DO21vc

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