[TowerTalk] clarifcation on the Rohn hardware..K0FF

Wed, 27 Sep 2000 09:46:34 -0500

Just talked to Gerald at Tex Tower and got the straight scoop. He says no
PAL on the Ham towers. I use the SSV and it has PALnuts. \
The catalog specifies NF bolts on 25, and all above that are NC bolts. The
catalog shows locknuts on the BX series, but does not mention locknuts or
PAL nuts on the 45-55-65 series.
The 185' microwave tower I had here uses 1/2" bolts with split washers, but
is not a Rohn product. Beautiful piece of work though, triangular, 1Meter on
a face straight up, made of 60 degree angle iron, 3/8" thick and hot dipped.

Hope this helps.


PS what's good for the goose is still good for the gander.

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