[TowerTalk] 3/4" Hardline Connectors A SOLUTION!!!

Robert Shohet kq2m@mags.net
Thu, 28 Sep 2000 10:31:17 -0700

The OD the CC of my 3/4" fused disc hardline is 3/16".

The ID of the outer aluminum shield is about 21/32".

> Robert Shohet wrote:
> >
> > Dear TT'ers,
> >
> > I am pleased to tell you that I believe I have found a great solution to the
> > 3/4" hardline connector problem that all of us have faced.
> > Since the CC of my 3/4" fused disc hardline is too thick, I am going to
> > "take some off" with Emery Cloth.  In the process of reducing the diameter I
> > will be also removing the CC copper plated coating.  Since the hardline CC
> > will be going into the PL258 (the CC really IS too thick to spread in the
> > pl258!), I assume that if the CC fits "snugly" there will be no need to
> > solder the CC to the pl258.  Is this correct?  If so, I have found a great
> > solution, if not, I would rather know NOW before I invest in 20 more of
> > these adapters.
> >
> What is the Outside Diameter of the Center Conductor of your line???
> also what is the Inside Diameter of the outer shield ????
> The reason for my question is my 3/4 foam line has a CC dia of about
> .143 inch and needs to be shimmed up to to about .157 to mate with a
> PL258. To acomplish this I buy .157 hobby brass tubing and drill the
> ID out to .143 with a dubbed drill in a lathe. Not easy but it can
> be done, this leaves a wall thickness of about .006. I then solder
> this to the CC of the hard line. My conectors are made by taking a
> 3/4 farreled connector and drilling and tapping the body 5/8 24 and
> screwing the Pl258 in to the body. I also cut back the body until
> the end of the PL258 is flush with the second step inside of the
> connector. Also there are PL258 to "N" adaptors that work fine if
> you want to end up with type "N" of either sex. This works out
> great as you can change sex or style at any time.
> Art

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