[TowerTalk] Protecting connectors

Kurt Andress K7NV@contesting.com
Sun, 26 Aug 2001 15:39:57 -0700

K7LXC@aol.com wrote:
> 8)  Optional. Apply a finish coating over the final wrap of electrical tape.
> Suggested coatings are Liquid Electrical Tape (any color but black) or clear
> acrylic spray paint. ScotchKote, which is designed for burial applications
> and is not particularly good in UV, is not recommended.

I put the ScothKote in between the first and second tape wraps, past the first wrap (2") onto the
coax jacket. Let it dry till slightly tacky before the second wrap. 
Works fine, bomb proof seal, no UV degradation problems for the coating. The sealed connections come
apart a little harder (but no big drama), are completely clean, and it is cheap. 
I haven't had moisture penetrate a connection in 20 years, so I'm still happy to "stick" with it.

The opinions and methods vary, which is good, this is just one of them....

73, Kurt, K7NV 


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