[TowerTalk] Free tower in San Jose, CA

jim_johnson@agilent.com jim_johnson@agilent.com
Tue, 18 Dec 2001 14:24:43 -0800


   I'm posting this for a colleague.  He has a tower that is free
to anyone that can take it away.  It is a Hygain HG-52SS and
the manual says it is a "52-foot, self-supporting tower designed
to support 9.5 square feet of antenna area with winds up to 
50 mph".  It is a three-section crankup and it was taken down
from its installed position as the ham became a Silent Key.
It has been stored for several years and now it needs to find a
new home.  It does not have a base with it as the base that came
with the tower originally is still in the concrete at the former location.
The tower is now located in San Jose, CA, and if you are interested,
please call Rob at 408-553-2259 (days).

Jim W6SC


  Jim Johnson
  Agilent Laboratories
  Palo Alto, CA

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