[TowerTalk] Tower foundations

Fernando Ronci fernando@waycom.com.ar
Thu, 1 Feb 2001 17:21:44 -0300

Hi all,

I know it would be more appropriate to post this consult on a civil
engineering forum. It even has nothing to do with RF,  but as many of you
have a lot of expertise in the tower building field, I thought someone could
I need to build a 60 m (200 ft) guyed tower to provide wireless internet
access. It will support 4 parabolic 89cm diameter solid dishes and a couple
of omnidirectional antennas. The steel tower section is a triangle, 45 cm
each side.
Considering the soil strength is 1 Kg/cm2 and 140 Km/h the wind speed, I am
concerned about the reinforced concrete foundation design, that is, the
compressed base supporting the tower and the three tensioned anchors. Each
anchor is 42 m away from the tower. (I wish they were 45 m away at least,
but the lot size allows 42 m only)
In this case, which I believe must be pretty common, what are the base and
anchors usual shapes and sizes and how is the steel reinforcement
distribution on each? What depths must the foundations be executed at? I
used to see larger towers founded on piles, but I donīt think they will be
necessary in this case.
Please donīt missunderstand me. I donīt want anybody to do the calculations
for free. I just want to know if what Iīm asking is well known standard
information of tower building, maybe found on tables I donīt know of.
Internet addresses where I could see examples of this are also welcome.

Thank you very much.

Fernando Ronci
E-mail: fernando@waycom.com.ar

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